Writer's Garden: Nov 6

Writer's Garden: Nov 6

You must read this poem


The wind swooshed in and the
dandelions did cartwheels
across the yard, while laundry
snapped to attention on the line dancing just outside the back door.  The rain drops were the size of quarters as they slapped
the sheets, then the towels, and
she ran to bring them in, to salvage at least
part of her day’s work. We sat in our little chairs, singing and rocking while she whacked on the screen door, arms filled with dry sheets turning
wet, she begged, but we did not unlock the door. And we sang: Bringing in the sheets,
bringing in the sheets,
we shall come rejoicing
bringing in the sheets.

Carol J. Grace

The Song of the  Strays!

Ever been stuck over what song to sing for a school function? Oh, there are enough about love, and sadness, and so on. And many songs are about places and people you’ve never seen. So how about singing a song by the stray animals of Bangalore…you see them everywhere. Nobody looks after them. They look after themselves. And in the hard life they lead, there’s a lot we can learn from them.  ‘No fuss’, is the first lesson. The next time you grumble about, “Oh, not green gram dal, again!” Remember, that strays eat whatever is thrown in the garbage. No fuss! Singing the ‘Song of the Strays’ may also remind you NOT to do some things.

Don’t throw batteries (their chemicals can be poisonous if a cow or dog chews on them). Fused bulbs should go back into their corrugated paper packaging before being thrown, so that some poor stray does not get glass pieces in its mouth. Think about collecting all the useless plastics from the house and giving it off to the rag picker who comes looking for plastics in the garbage. First, it will save that poor child (sadly, it’s usually a child) from digging around in the garbage. It will also not harm animals that forage in the garbage fro food.  If you don’t know the tune of ‘Yankee Doodle’, sing this song to some other tune that you can match to the words. Have fun!

Kavitha Mandana

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