Special something for special ones

Special something for special ones


Gift with imagination.

Have you ever broken your head just thinking what to gift your loved one on special occasions? One usually gets lost on seeing different varieties of items. It leads to confusion rather than helping one out of the maze. Here are some tips on how to go about the gifting process.


*Firstly decide on the budget. If one is clear on how much money one wants to shell out, then half the job becomes easier.

*Decide on which brand you would like to buy.

*Keep in mind the uniqueness of the gift.

*The likings and tastes of the person should be kept in mind.

*Keep in mind the fact that the person should be able to use the product.

*Think on behalf of the person you are gifting and then choose the gift.


*Never buy something which might be left in a corner for ages.

*Do not think of your likings and tastes while you buy a gift for somebody else.

*Do not decide and buy anything in a hurry.


*Buy something which they are passionate about and have been longing to own it.

*Buy something which will catch their attention in a second.

*Electronic gadgets and gizmos, sports kits, latest in fashion sun glasses, watches, deodourants, pocket knife, something rough and trendy is what most guys prefer.

*Clothes in the form of gifts are not much preferred.


*Buy clothes of their choice and type.


*Customised stuff like photo frames, tee shirts, coffee mugs etc

*Books from their favourite authors.

*Fancy and multi-coloured footwear.

*Any of the above can be clubbed with a card which has expressive words.