It's 'spa' time for pets!

It's 'spa' time for pets!

It's 'spa' time for pets!

How about taking your beloved pooch out for a refreshing massage, facial or paw-dicure? Experts say pet spa is a must nowadays as it protects pets from various health problems like scratches, mites, ticks and skin disorders, especially during summer and monsoon.

"Pet spa has taken 'grooming' to another level. Pet grooming isn't limited to bathing and clipping, but also includes special treatments like massages, fluff drying, facials, paw-dicures, hair perming or straightening and physio-therapy," Rajat Handa, director, Animal Kingdom Pet Products Private Limited, told IANS.

Handa, also a columnist, said that high quality products like olive oil, mint flavoured tooth paste, and hair brushes are used to clean the pets.

"We use special oils like jojoba and olive, electric vibration-free hair clippers, special combs, brushes, slickers, massagers with different modes and therapy treatments, conditioner based shampoos, mint flavoured tooth paste and temperature controlled hair dryers," he said.

Pet Spa services usually cost between Rs.500 to Rs.5,000 depending on the treatments undertaken. Handa, an animal lover, feels that one's pet should be taken to spa at least once in 15 or 20 days.

Basic grooming like bathing, ears and dental cleaning, and nail clipping, should be done every eight to 10 days.

Handa said that ambience also plays a great role. Behaviour analysts are usually called to study the animal's behaviour and act in accordance to make them comfortable.

"If a pet feels comfortable and has a positive and refreshing experience, then he would want to come back again," he said.

He added: "So, it is always important to have light music, animal special flooring, safe and clean kennels, room for pets to move around and a team of professionals who are animal lovers."

Asked about the clientele, he responded: "We get customers who are first time pet parents, young couples, professionals or students and those who have five-seven pets."
Handa said that today pet parents are more cautious and want their pets to compliment their lifestyle. So, they indulge in various pet treatments and accessories.  

Does he attribute this to Hollywood actors?

"It is true that Hollywood is one of the reasons, but a very small one because with rising disposable incomes, level of awareness has resulted in more emphasis on animal hygiene and good health."

Many pet spa centres have opened across the city, including Red Paw Pet Spa and Live Pets World in Delhi, Pet Concern in Noida and Pet World in Gurgaon.
These pet clinics offer services at affordable prices.

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