BJP is communal, never praised Modi as secular: Hazare

BJP is communal, never praised Modi as secular: Hazare

Calling BJP communal, activist Anna Hazare today said he never described Narendra Modi as secular.

"He (Modi) belongs to a party that sympathises with only one community, and is against other communities. It is also known that it is totally against one particular community," Hazare told reporters.

"Modi represents what BJP stands for. From their statements, it appears to be communal. I don't want to talk about an individual person, because it is a matter of his political party. BJP has nominated Narendra Modi as Chairman of its Campaign Committee," he said.

Hazare said a non-communal person, who can provide better governance, should come to power after the elections.

He said that he was misquoted by a section of media which said he viewed Modi as not being communal.

"This is wrong. Journalists asked me whether I consider Narendra Modi communal or not. I immediately said I don't have any proof against him, so I can't say anything on it. But some newspaper wrote that Anna Hazare said Modi is not communal... This does not mean that he is secular or non-secular."

He said as far as his statement was concerned, it should not be assumed that he had given a certificate that someone is not communal, and "I am no one to give such certificate."

Hazare, who observed an 11-day-long fast two years ago to press for Janlokpal Bill, said the government has betrayed him on the matter and he was planning to renew his agitation in December.

"They have betrayed us in Joint Committee (formed for drafting of Janlokpal Bill), in Standing Committee and in the Parliament. I feel there is need to begin a strong movement. So, in December or January, I will again sit on fast at Ramlila ground and people will come out to support the cause," he said, adding his country wide tour would come to an end by then.

"I am running a campaign for establishing true democracy, against corruption, for Janlokpal and the autonomy of CBI and other investigative agencies," Hazare said.The government's intension was not to bring the Bill as they don't want to make India a corruption-free nation.

"Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while requesting me to end my fast had given written assurance that Bill would be passed in Parliament as soon as possible.

"All parties had passed a resolution in support of the Janlokpal Bill, but two years have passed and the Bill is still pending. It is not coming in Parliament, because their intension is not clear to bring the Bill," he added.

Hazare also criticised the prevailing system that elects a Prime Minister after polls and said "people should choose their own PM and India must be governed by its people not by political parties as our Constitution doesn't mention political parties or government of a group."

He said until the system of electing a PM from a political party will prevail, India won't have a future.

When asked if he would campaign for his former colleague and convener of Aam Aadmi Party Arvind Kejriwal, Hazare said, he won't as he had formed a party, but if he will contest as independent, then he would campaign for him.

He asked the people to elect only candidates with clean image.

Asked about PM's image, Hazare said he is a good person but "his hands has blackened with coal (scam)."

Hazare said that as per the Constitution, no party should promote communalism, and those who support communalism should not be in  power. "Our Constitution says that India is secular country and it was also necessary for a united India," he said.

Asked whether he would contest the elections and was ready to be Prime Minister, he said "I am living in a temple, I am satisfied, I don't want to lose my peace, which even our President doesn't have."

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