Cloud computing to address data overload

New next generation software technologies, such as cloud computing, can successfully handle the data overload seen in social networking and video-sharing sites, said R Srinivasan, Professor (Emeritus), M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology, here on Monday.

He was speaking at the inaugural of a one week faculty development programme on Cloud computing, at National Institute of Engineering.

Cloud computing relies on sharing computing resources over the internet, in order to maximise the effectiveness of the shared resources.

Dismissing apprehensions among engineering graduates and students about prospects in IT industry, he said that opportunities in IT sector will remain stable till 2020.

 However, companies that had hired graduates last year, have kept them benched. Such incidents hurt the aspirations of graduates willing to display their creative skills.
“Indians have the capability of adopting to new technologies very soon.

“Adaptation rate among the youth is rapid,” he said.

Drawing comparisons between India and China, he said that China’s ability to establish infrastructure was its strength.

 “Bangalore was not built for housing an ‘IT city’. It was planned as a retirement town for the British,” he said. As a result, rapid surge in infrastructure had choked the city, he said.

“English is India’s greatest advantage. In China, the government has made it compulsory for every person below 25 years to learn English. Indians are seen teaching English to the Chinese,” he quipped.

The one week workshop will cover topics such as the basics of cloud computing, virtualisation techniques, cloud big data, security in cloud and research issues in cloud computing.

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