'I would love to do more period films'

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'I would love to do more period films'

The lucky streak looks like it’s here to stay for Sonakshi Sinha, who appears to be getting better with every film. She’s already worked with the big shots of the industry and is now trying to strike a balance between mainstream and independent cinema, like Lootera. She spoke to Metrolife while visiting the City for the Rajguru Fashion Parade.

On the response towards the film, she says, “I’m absolutely satisfied with the response. I believe that Lootera was a once-in-a-lifetime film and the kind of praise I’ve got as an actor after the film is tremendous.”

She also feels that it was her most challenging role yet, owing to the fact that her character involved a lot of coughing and pretending to be sick. “I’m a very healthy person. I barely fall sick and suddenly, here I was playing a TB patient getting asthma attacks. I just went by instinct and took guidance from my director,” she adds. While Lootera was based in the 50s, her upcoming film Once Upon a Time in
Mumbai Dobaara is also a period film based in the 80s. But she still hasn’t had enough of the genre. “I would love to do more period films. They take you back to a different world and I really enjoy that,” shares Sonakshi.

About her character in Once Upon… she notes, “I play a Muslim girl who comes from Kashmir to become an actress in Mumbai. Her path crosses with these two gangsters, who are so different from each other. The challenge for me was creating chemistry with both Imran (Khan) and Akshay’s (Kumar) characters and making them both look different.” Who was it more interesting to work with? “I’ve worked with Akshay before and it’s always enjoyable. That’s why we do so many films together. I worked with Imran for the first time and in fact, I spoke to him for the first time when we met on set. He’s an actor who plays it by the book and is fantastic to work with,” she replies.

On the rare occasion of her not being on the sets of a film, the one place to find Sonakshi is at home. “I’ll be vegetating at home. I’m a very lazy person otherwise. But I’m working seven days a week, 365 days a year. So it’s very rare that I get a day off. But when I do, I like to do nothing!” admits the actress, who is busy working on upcoming films like Rambo Rajkumar and Bullett Raja.

Is she content with the way her career is shaping up? “Things have gone in a very good direction. Call it good judgment, good luck or hard work, it’s worked for me. I enjoy what I do and that’s what really shows. That’s what people appreciate the most about me,” she sums up.

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