Associations flay inordinate delay in issuing ID cards

Independent department known as the "Card Issuing Authority of India" should be constituted, says social activist

Flaying the delay and confusion in issuing of identification cards by the government department and the struggle an Indian citizen faces to prove his nationality, the members of Tulu Rakshana Vedike, Kadalasena Yuva Seva Trust and Prema Association (Surathkal) staged a protest outside Deputy Commissioner's office in Mangalore on Thursday.

The process of obtaining an identification card is a torturous process, said Social Activist M G Hegde at the protest. A person is made to run from pillar to post, while obtaining a card. When an Indian citizen shifts his residence, he has to live without identity, until new card is issued and the procedure takes more than eight months.

Applying for Aadhaar card is a painful process. People have to miss work and stand in long queues to apply for the card. Sometimes, the waiting goes a waste and they have to wait again the next day, he complained. Single Window System must be adopted for issuing all kind of cards, stressed Hegde.

An independent department known as the “Card Issuing Authority of India” should be constituted in every state and union territories should have branches. Ration card, Aadhar card, Pan card, voters’ identity card and any other such inter related card should be simplified and issued by the local authorities under the Card Issuing Authority of India, he said.

Tulu Rakshana Vedike Member Yogish Shetty said that the government is showing a negligent attitude towards the problems faced by people. The ministers seek vote and make huge promises during elections. However, all is forgotten after the elections. "There is a need to look into the problems faced by people in top priority," he said.

Kadalasena Yuva Seva Trust Member Yeshwanth Mendon said that most of the time, the fishermen are asked to show their ID cards. However, many a times, there is a confusion and even if one national ID card is shown, the authorities ask them to show other cards. The protesters also took out a mock funeral of the administration, which is “dying.”
M G Hegde said that if the problems are not addressed, them a huge awareness rally will be taken out followed by a string of protests.

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