TV viewership data to be provided in numbers

TAM (Television Audience Measurement), which measures television viewership, has agreed to provide data in absolute numbers to the industry instead of percentage and make all future audience measurement changes on the basis of inputs from the joint-industry technical committee at the Broadcast Audience Research Council (BARC).

“In layman terms, the media and public will now get to know television viewership in thousands, colloquially referred to as TVT.

TVT captures and reflects growth in TV audiences in the country in absolute numbers. It will be the sole rating available in the public domain,” Indian Broadcasting Foundation said in a statement here.

For internal evaluation including planning and buying, per cent TVR weekly and all other data will be made available to the advertisers and advertising agencies. Broadcasters will also have access to this information if they so desire.

In addition, an option of TVT as a four-week rolling average will be provided every week. The rolling average is statistically more stable data on viewership, especially for smaller audiences in niche channels, regional languages, English language programmes and news.

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