Blend of fruits and nuts

Blend of fruits and nuts

The ‘stir-up’ as it is also referred to is about mixing together the chopped nuts and fruits and marinating the lot in a blend of aromatic liquors.
The marinated mix is then left to soak in its own goodness and used after a few weeks to make Christmas cakes and puddings.

At the pastry shop of Taj Residency, a large covered table was set up in anticipation of the fun and festivities to follow. The guests came in and chatted for a bit and than donned the aprons, caps and gloves laid out for them. They were soon joined by members of the hotel staff and benevolently supervised by Chef Ramaswamy Selvarju. They carried in large containers of thick, rich masses of fruits and nuts finely chopped and clinging together in a sweet gooey embrace. After the chopped pile of fruits and nuts were piled onto the table, bottles of alcohol were opened and poured into the fruity mix as those present dug into the brilliantly red and orange coloured mixture with a great deal of enthusiasm turning the fruit over several times so that it really got well mixed.
Donna and her daughter Chloe from Australia were quite excited to be a part of the whole cake mixing experience.

 “This is the first time we have seen this ceremony being performed and we have really enjoyed being a part of it,” said Donna as an excited Chloe kept tossing and mixing till the last remnants of the mixed fruit was finally put away in vats to soak in all the goodness for the coming season.

“We use 40 litres of pouring alcohol, and over 250 kg of Turkish apricots, raisins, Californian fruits and assorted nuts which will be allowed to macerate for weeks before being used in the Christmas concoctions,” said Selvarju.

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