'Decision on my ouster is unilateral'

'Decision on my ouster is unilateral'


Shobha KarandlajeThey included legislators cutting across party lines, BJP workers, people from her constituency - Yeshwanthpur -  they all were unanimous in their praise for her ‘sacrifice’ for the sake of the party.

From her college days, she was involved in many movements. She was in RSS before joining the BJP. But neither the Sangh nor the Party came in her support when she was under verbal attack by a section of legislators.

A day after Yeddyurappa fulfilled the wish of the rebels by making her quit, Shobha Karandlaje speaks her mind during an interaction with Vijesh Kamath of Deccan Herald.

What is the response of the party leadership for your query on charges against you for seeking resignation?

No, there have been no answers so far.

Who conveyed you the party’s decision?

State party president Sadananda Gowda called me on Monday morning and told me that I have to put in my papers. However, it did not come to me as a shock. I was mentally prepared for the same.

 Do you think that the party central leadership should have sought your views?

 Yes. I feel I too should have been given an opportunity to present my views and the decision should not have been one-sided. Law provides a chance even for those accused in serious crimes an opportunity for self defence.

There have been charges that you were interfering in other departments?

Let them come up with specific instances.  Let one minister come up with proof that I was responsible for transfers or changes in policy decisions in their department. I never did anything to further my own interest.

You have been part of the Cabinet for the past 18 months. Who do you think is the most efficient ?

Chief Minister Yeddyurappa has the capacity and qualities to lead and guide the Cabinet. In fact, there have been no major differences at any of the Cabinet meetings during the one and half years. All ministers were cordial. The subjects on the agenda were discussed and approved unanimously.

Do you feel that your association with the CM was a cause of jealousy?

The CM has been in public life for the last 40 years. He has rich and vast experience. We all have something to learn from him. I would not like to answer beyond this.

Do you think the lethal combination of business lobby with politics probably led to the present political crisis in the BJP ?

Business is business, while politics is service.  It is necessary for politicians to win the confidence of the people. The corrosion of democracy need to be stopped. This can happen only when more and more service-minded youth join politics. Party workers should always be taken into confidence before taking major decisions.  However, the BJP has the internal strength to tide over any crisis.