Rains: Boon for farmers, bane for traders

Rains: Boon for farmers, bane for traders

District received 237 mm of rainfall against the average of 153 mm in Sept

Rains have given a fresh lease of life to the ragi crops in Chikkaballapur district. dh photoIt has been drizzling for the past five days, giving a fresh lease of life to the rain-dependent crops such as ragi, corn, groundnut and tur. As the rain failed in October the crops had withered and the farmers had lost hope.

With the district receiving rain in the first week of November, the farmers’ hope has been revived. The district received only 24 mm rain as against the usual 90 mm rainfall in June and 87 mm rain against 103 mm in August. However in September it received 237 mm against the average rainfall of 153 mm.

However, all the areas in the district didn’t receive the rain. Bagepalli, Chintamani and Gudibande taluks had recorded average rainfall. Hence, the farmers there had grown horse gram. They expected 134 mm rainfall in October, but it recorded only 45 mm. However, till November 9, the district has recorded 21.5 mm: Chikkaballapur - 25.2 mm, Chintamani - 28.6 mm, Gauribidanur - 8.1 mm, Shidlaghatta - 28.5 mm, Gudibande - 19.6 mm and Bagepalli received 16.5 mm rain.

The taluks including Chikkaballapur which received maximum rainfall have grown groundnut in three phases. In some fields the crops were in sprouting stage, while in others they were ready for harvest.

Sowing has been done only in 1,29,639 hectares against the target of total 1,44,255 hectares of cultivable land in the district.

Ragi was sown in 45,800 hectares, maize in 37,811hectares, groundnut in 21,082 hectare, paddy in 2,649 hectares, tur in 8,766 hectares and horse gram in 6,165 hectares.  All these crops would have withered if it had not rained.

Besides, the farmers have one more reason to smile. The livestock will also get enough fodder and drinking water due to sufficient rains that the district received in the beginning of this month. According to Nataraj, Joint Director, Agriculture Department, this is ideal time for sowing sunflower seeds. The farmers can expect rains till December, he said. Nataraj said the farmers need not worry as there was adequate supply of fertilisers for the horticultural crops.

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