Bullock nightmare for residents here

Bullock nightmare for residents here

Stray animals on the road has caused several injuries to riders, pedestrians

Bullock nightmare for residents here

Ferocious stray dogs, pouncing stray bullock and other cattle that pose a threat to vehicle riders and pedestrians is a never ending problem in the city.

The City Municipal Council (CMC) commissioner’s press release that was published last year had warned the owners of stray cattle of penalty and that the cattle would be sent to ‘goshala’. But, the announcement seems to have no impact on the residents of Hassan as stray cattle continue to roam on the busy roads, posing a threat to vehicle users.

A similar announcement was made by the district administration this year too. But, till now, nobody has seen a single cattle being caught. However, cattle can be seen on almost all roads, especially in the morning.

Several incidents of these animals, especially a bullock, attacking pedestrians, damaging parked two-wheelers have been reported. A bullock, which is said to be ferocious, is said to have damaged more than 10 two-wheelers, four cars and had even attacked a doctor on M G Road two days ago.


It had attacked one 53-year-old Rangaswamy with its horns, injuring him severely on the back. He was saved by some passersby, who rushed him to a hospital.

Herds of stray cattle can be seen on K R Puram Road, M G Road, R C Road, Old Bus Stand Road, B M Road and all prominent streets. Worse, the cattle lie on the roads during night hours and pose a danger to the lives of vehicle users, where there are no streetlights.

Not only stray cattle, stray dogs too seem to have become a nuisance. Incidents of stray dogs attacking children and passersby is being reported everyday, across the city.

Despite the sterilisation programme that was taken up recently, spending lakhs of rupees, there is a rise in the number of dogs. Even animal-rights activists, who had opposed culling of dogs, have changed their opinion and seek protection from the canines.