'Only art can save humanity'

'Only art can save humanity'

Versatile singer

'Only art can save humanity'

The saying ‘big things come in small packages’ is quite true in his case. After all, the pocket-sized Kailash Kher is a big package of great energy and versatility. The crooner who has given numerous hits, is back in action with MTV’s Coke Studio.

Kailash is not only one of the most loved Indian artists internationally but also
o among the most respected, for his modest ways. His popularity has made him one of the busiest music artists for his unmatched live performances and stage wit.

The singer is really happy with this new association. “It is a great initiative in reviving the non-filmy musical scene while collaborating with big and small names. It will give a boost to aspiring singers, musicians and composers to show their talent on such a big and open platform.”

“This show also gives you the space to create your own music. Nobody is allowed to intrude into your creative space. They give you that respect and freedom. This is unlike other musical shows where I have been a judge, where there is a limitation to show your creativity,” adds Kailash.

Kailash’s big break came with Allah ke Bande from the movie Waisa Bhi Hota Hai II and now he is ranked amongst the best. But who or what inspires him to sing? “I don’t think, I only feel music. I find happiness in small little things - be it the cocoon of a butterfly or the first raindrops of monsoon. It is all about your state of mind.”

Kailash’s range may extend from Indie to Bollywood, from Sufi to folk but personally he doesn’t divide it into genres. “I love all kinds of music and can’t categorise any as a favourite because music is love for me and I can’t categorise love.

“There are thousands of trees and flowers in the world and each has its own virtues and importance. I enjoy all kinds of music, irrespective of language and pattern because these are creations of intelligence.”

Does competition bother him? “I don’t see it that way. There are crores of people living in this world and I can’t take this negativity. I can’t feel threatened because of budding singers. And it is good if new singers and artists are coming up because only art can save earth and humanity.”

The singer who maintains a punishing schedule says he only catches up on sleep during free time. “If I am not doing anything I meditate or do nidra dhyan (sleep). I sleep in the lap of Almighty and in such a way that I don’t know where I am and when you sleep like this you are meditating, not sleeping,” he signs off.