Metrolife in the city.....................

Metrolife in the city.....................


Violin recital

Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha pays a tribute to Sangita Kalanidhi M. S. Gopalakrishnan by organising a violin recital by Dr M Narmadha. Daughter and disciple of Lt M S Gopalakrishnan, Narmadha has not only given duet concerts with her father but she is also a sought after accompanist to many leading Carnatic vocalists. She has been awarded the Best Violinist Award by the Music Academy, Madras eight times consecutively. Venue: IHC, Lodhi Road, September 6. Time: 7 pm  

Raga pianist

 Utsav Lal, a 20-year old City based pianist will perform this week on an instrument that has traditionally been considered unsuitable for Hindustani Classical Music. Utsav gave his debut solo piano concert in Delhi, when he was just nine - with a unique repertoire of Indian music compositions. Over the last 11 years, the young musician has trained and excelled in three diverse genres of Western Classical, Indian Classical and Jazz. Venue: IHC, Lodhi Road, September 6. Time: 7.30 pm


Jazz performance

Institut Français is organising a Jazz Musical night by Norig and her team. Norig will be playing jazz from Eastern Europe, Balkans and Gypsies! Norig sings the soul of the Gypsies of Eastern Europe with all her heart. A young singer from Grenoble of Spanish origin took lessons in music with Martina Catella, a famous ethnomusicologist. She then began to diffuse the music of the great singers of Romania and the Balkans. Venue: Alliance Francaise, September 10. Time: 8 pm. Entry is free.


Remembering Hazarika

'Two Brothers' will celebrate the creative genius of Bhupen Hazarika, Assam’s legendary balladeer on his birth anniversary. On the occasion, his younger brother Jayanta Sanjoy Hazarika will be in conversation with filmmaker Kalpana Lajmi. The discussion will be followed by a concert by Mayukh and Laili Hazairak, who will present some of the best-known songs of the brothers. Venue: IIC, Lodhi Estate, September 9. Time: 6.30 PM. 



Delhiites will get a chance to enjoy the guru-shishya jugalbandhi  as Arun Debnath and Sanghamitra Acharya perform together at 'Navarang: A Collection of Original Compositions in Evening Ragas. The duo will be accompanied by Pradip Sarkar on tabla and Paromita Mukherjee on harmonium. Venue: IIC, Lodhi Estate, September 6. Time: 6.30 pm


Bharatanatyam performance

Bilva Raman Gandhi, a Bharatanatyam exponent from Chennai and disciple of Guru Leela Samson will perform this week. Recipient of the Sanskriti-Madhobi Chatterji Memorial Fellowship, Bilva stepped into the world of music and dance at the age of six. The event is organised by Sanskriti Pratishthan. Venue: IIC, Lodhi Estate, September 6. Time: 6.30 pm. Entry is free.


Birth centenary 

‘Unfinished’ is an inter-disciplinary dance-theatre project, by director Aditee Biswas and choreographer Sandra Chatterjee. The project marks the birth centenary of Amrita Shergil. It unfolds into abstracted movement sequences where fragments of text and images explores different facets of a nomadic aesthetic and focuses on changing motifs in transit between Europe and India. Venue: Max Muller Bhavan, KG Marg, from September 6 to 8. Time: 7 pm. Entry by registration.


Odissi recital 

Dhara Dutta from Mumbai, who is disciple of Guru Daksha Mashruwala will give an Odissi dance performance. Dhara got her basic training from Guru Padmavibhushan Kelucharan Mohapatra. Over the years Dhara has conducted as well as participated in various workshops. These include the Nrityagram workshop on Odissi dance technique and understanding of one’s body to prevent physical injuries. 

Venue: IIC, Lodhi Estate, 

September 7. 

Time: 6.30 pm

Kathak extravaganza

As a part of the Pt. Durgalal Jayanti Samaroh there will be series of events. On September 7 there will be ‘Temple of Drums’ Percussion Ensemble. September 8: panel discussion on Kathak Dance. September 9: Kathak solo recitals by Rajendra Gangani and Jayant Kastuar. September 10 Kathak Bhavabhinaya in Baithak style featuring Shikha Khare, Bhaswati Misra, Nandini Singh and Jayant Kastuar. Venue: IHC, Lodhi Road, September 7 to 10. 

Time: 7 pm.


Reflecting persona

Theatre and film actress Meeta Vasisht will be seen in the play An Evening of Lal Ded. It is a play that explores the persona of this fabulous poetess Lal Ded, the great woman mystic and poet of Kashmir of 14th century; her poetry and the great civilization that Kashmir represented. Venue: Shri Ram Centre for Performing Arts, Mandi House, from September 6 to 8. Time: 6.30 pm. Tickets available at the venue and


About Delhi

Adapting Glittering Decades: New Delhi in Love & War Pub into a play, Katyayani Production will give audience’s a theatrical treat. It presents the history of New Delhi from 1931 to 1952. On the one hand there was a refugee influx and thriving black market, while on the other hand there were endless socialising, horse shows, cocktail parties and carefully construed politics. Venue: IHC, Lodhi Road, September 7 and 8. Time: 7 pm. Tickets available at the venue and 


Comic act

Khabsoorat Bahu is a satirical comedy of the common superstitious beliefs and over exaggeration of little knowledge.  The plot is based on the overestimation and submission to the beauty of the bride, romantic but frustrated Groom, simpleton yet possessive Aunt, the flirtatious and flattering village youth and the caricature of an Ox, that is used as a symbol of impotency in the play. Venue: LTG Auditorium, Mandi House, September 7 and 8. Time: 7 pm. Tickets available at the venue and


Clowns on stage

Hamlet: The Clown Prince is a play produced by the Company Theatre Workspace and directed by Rajat Kapoor. The play is a comic interpretation of the famous Shakespearean tragedy where a bunch of clowns decide to stage the play. The clowns interpret the scenes in their own way to conveniently suit their needs. Venue: Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, till September 7. Time: 7.30pm. Tickets available at  the venue and


Theatrical touch

Cut...Cut...Cut is a Hindi comedy play depicting the tragedies of doing a comic play. In the process, the play brings forth funny characters, hilarious situations, comic relationships and bizarre events, besides taking an amusing look into many more problems that a theatre group faces. Venue: Epicentre, Gurgaon, September 8. Time:7.30 pm