Court directs police to give security for 'Zanjeer'

Court directs police to give security for 'Zanjeer'

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Thursday directed the police to provide security for the smooth release and screening of Hindi film “Zanjeer” and its Telugu version “Toofan”. The court asked the director-general of police to provide security to theatres screening the two movies throughout the state from Friday.

The much-awaited release of the remake of the Hindi film Zanjeer is stuck in the vortex of pro- and anti-Telangana movement in Andhra Pradesh. While the release of the “Toofan” is opposed by Samaikhayndra agitators in the Seemandhra region, Telangana forces object to release of Zanjeer, alleging that actor Ramcharan Teja’s father Chiranjeevi is against the formation of Telangana.  Reliance Big Entertainment Pvt. Ltd had moved the court seeking directions for smooth screening of the two films in view of threats from some quarters. The petitioner feared obstacles to the screening of the movies in the wake of these threats.

Reliance entertainment informed the court that it has invested several crores of rupees to produce market and distribute the movies. The company said it had already signed contracts with several theatres for screening the films. The company moved the court as its representation to the police did not evoke any response.

Some groups in Seemandhra have threatened to disrupt screening of the movies to protest against, what they call, Chiranjeevi's failure to oppose strongly the proposed bifurcation of the state.

The movies may also face problems in Telangana, where some groups alleged that Chiranjeevi was trying to stall the formation of a separate state.

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