Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

A slash of Blue

A sweep of Gray
Some scarlet patches on the way,
Compose an Evening Sky
A little purple - slipped between
Some Ruby Trousers hurried on
A Wave of Gold
A Bank of Day
This just makes out the
Morning Sky.
Emily Dickinson

Kind hearted Kanha

It was Kanha's daily routine to get up at eight in the morning and go to the forest to cut wood after having a bath at the river. Kanha was 13 years old and an illiterate boy whose father died in a fire accident. After his father's death he had to support his family by earning money by chopping wood and making toys out of them.  His mother went to many houses to wash vessels. They were very poor.

One day, As usual Kanha set out in the morning after having a small breakfast of puffed rice, and carrying an axe on his shoulder and a small lunch of one chapatti and pickle. He went to the heart of the forest and started to chop a tree. He worked  for three hours and then feeling tired sat down for a while and decided to have his lunch. As he opened the small bundle of food, he heard somebody wailing loudly, he thought that some body had lost his way in the woods.  Kanha knew the woods like the back of his hand, he got up and went towards the voice, it did not seem very far and sounded like that of a small child.

As Kanha came nearer he could see a small boy of about seven, he was dressed in a pair of jeans and a tight expensive t-shirt. He was fair and his hair was light brown. As the child saw Kanha he ran towards him hugged him and calmed down a little. He  told Kanha that he had lost his way through the woods when he was playing hide and seek with his friends, he also told him that he had not eaten anything for two days and again started crying.

Kanha felt sorry for the boy and gave him his lunch without a second thought.
He then took him to his house. The boy turned out to be the son of the forest inspector and Kanha took him back to his family. Seeing the boy a lady rushed out of the house and hugged and kissed him on his fore head. Kanha told the boy's mother how he had gone to the forest to chop wood and heard the boy's wailing and brought him to the house.   The woman thanked Kanha and took him inside the very big house and  Kanha who had never seen any thing like this in his life exclaimed in awe at the silk sofas on which he was sitting and the glass tumbler in which he was given juice and the creamy chocolates kept in a ceramic plate before him.

After some time  the forest inspector arrived, dressed in khaki clothes and thanked Kanha  for saving his son's life.    He than dropped Kanha home after showering him with all kinds of gifts and thanking him  a thousand times.

After that day the whole village respected Kanha, for the kind deed that he had done that day.

By Rhea Muthane
9 Std, Divine Providence, Belgaum.


The blossoming buds of  nature
Different colours and shapes
Clean our mind and brighten our heart
The beauty of nature
The gift of god that fills
the colours of the world
it swirls and twirls like twinkling stars

Sri Lakshmi S,
VI ‘B’, ITI Central School,

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