For the taste of home

For the taste of home

Cool ambience

It was an impulse to share her love for cooking that made Ssubalakshmi open ‘Raenss Café’ in April last year.

   Named using two letters each from her name as well as her son’s and
husband’s, it was created to serve food with a homely taste and a personal touch.

There is quite a variety offered — sandwiches, burgers, rolls, salads, pastas and plenty of beverages and desserts — to choose from.

   The size customisation and availability of small, medium or large portions depending on one’s hunger level also helps prevent wastage.

“We add new items to the menu every three months based on the feedback we
receive. But the fast moving items that have been popular from the start are the grilled sandwiches, spicy herb cutlets, omelettes and combo meals. In drinks, people enjoy the Raenss special frappe and our gulkhand and lychee shake. In desserts, the ‘Munchie Mouse’ is a hit with kids,” informs Ssubalakshmi.

The owner adds that despite the lack of advertisements, they already have groups of regulars who return knowing exactly what they want. The new customers try it out based on recommendations from people who have eaten there.

   “We are always full, from evening onwards, and on weekends, we get a constant flow of customers through the day. I think people living nearby like us because we
deliver food even when it’s raining,” she laughs.

The burgers there start at Rs 25, which leads to a natural comparison to popular fast food chains.

   But Ssubalakshmi knows exactly what works in her favour.

   “It’s better than other burger joints, especially for the student crowd, because the quantity and value for money is more.

The fact that it is freshly made in front of them also helps. We also maintain a friendly relationship with our customers. For example, if someone comes and says that he doesn’t like olives, we won’t give him a chance to remind us the next time because we’ll ensure there are none,” she guarantees.In fact, they take the personal touch so seriously that often, one can see the owner’s five-year-old son
Norven walking around the small café suggesting what each table should try out.

   And it’s that same interest with which the restaurateur treats her
customers everyday.‘Raenss Café’ is located at 1210, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar and is open from 10 am to 10 pm.
   Call 41133234 for home delivery.