Escape route

Escape route

 Police Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar ‘recounted’ the escape route followed by Jaishanker while the latter fled he Parappana Agrahara central prisons.

According to the commissioner, Jaishanker was lodged in a cell beneath the hospital. Four warders, in two batches, take rounds to keep an eye on the prisoners. Jaishanker used a duplicate key which could only unlock the cell door, but cannot lock it again.

There was “some flaw” in the design of the cell’s structure as the lock was easily accessible. He came to the hospital and ran towards the plantain grove. He attempted to scale the 20-foot-high wall with the support of banana trees, but failed. He later used the grill gate as a ladder and climbed the wall.

He manoeuvred himself on the edge of the wall lined with glass shards. The wall had electricity wires connected to small poles and there was no electricity in one of the wires on that day due to ‘power disruption.’

Jaishanker tied a belt to a pole and used a bedsheet to glide down the wall. He jumped down, with his back landing on the ground. He sustained injuries on his both feet and hence there were blood stains on glass pieces and the cement pedestrian way on the outer side of the compound wall.

The commissioner said the duplicate key was found in the plantain grove the next day.
Replying to a question, Auradkar said: “Jaishanker told us how he jumped out of the wall and escaped. It could be a claim as well. Whatever I told you was told to us by Shanker.”

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