Brawny boys and slim gals!

Brawny boys and slim gals!

Walking, jogging and yoga classes were traditionally meant for older people and those with health problems, but youngsters today are adopting these habits to remain healthy.
 In order to keep themselves slim and trim, young girls aiming for size zero are joining various fitness classes. Many of them felt that yoga helped them to get a slim figure and dancing and swimming also helped them to keep in shape.

Young boys are also not lagging behind as far as health is concerned. Fitness gyms have mushroomed in recent years and they are packed with young and energetic people.
Shashank, an employee in Vavi India Private Limited, is not worried about his food habits but definitely wants an impressive physique. He spends more than half an hour in a gym every evening after finishing his office work. “My goal is to be fit and healthy. I practice pull ups, push ups and weightlifting in order to burn calories. I have been practising it for two months and can see the positive results,” beams Shashank.

 Interestingly, youth are strongly attracted to yoga too. C K Sreenivas and Indumathi of Radiant Yoga Centre have trained nearly 300 youngsters in the span of five years. “Due to their present lifestyle, youngsters are exposed to high amount of stress in their studies and career. Yoga helps them to tune their body and calm the mind. After learning yoga, youngsters are able to lead a healthy life,” says Sreenivas.
Smitha, a student, practices meditation and 'Surya Namaskara' everyday. “I saw a television programme related to the advantages of yoga and 'aasanas' that keep the body slim and in shape. I am doing a course in yoga for three years and it has greatly benefited me physically and mentally,” she reveals.   

Deepak, who works in Karnataka Bank, goes jogging early in the morning. According to him, jogging makes him feel fresh throughout the day. “I came to Bangalore four months ago and ever since then made it a habit to jog regularly. I felt the positive results in a short span and  have been following a strict diet also to keep fit,” he says and  signs off.

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