Food to keep you warm

Food to keep you warm

Nutrionists say it is best to consume hot and healthy food during winters

Nutritionist Seetha S says, “Hot and nutritious food is the food advice for winter. A bit of fatty food will also help if you are not scared of adding that extra line over your waist or if you are ready to work out.”

She also offered some food tips for the winter. Hot beverages like coffee, tea, cocoa and almond honey milk can be consumed to warm you instantly.
Similarly, soups can be taken as they are both nutritious and does not make one feel hungry fast. It can make you feel warm too.

Creamy soups have more fat content and makes one feel a little lazy. Clear vegetable soups are a better option. Hot coffee has the ability to increase the body temperature.
During evenings, along with any hot beverage, one can also have hot pakodas made from onions, potatoes and other vegetables. Hot samosas, chilli bajjis, toasts and puffs can also be consumed. Too much of fried snacks is not healthy and can have adverse effects on the health sometimes.

Boiled vegetables, with a little salt and one slit chilli, will provide a good taste. It is healthy and stops your craving to keep eating all the while. It can be consumed any time during the day or can be be eaten as a substitute for dinner as well. Hot sweets like payasa, carrot halwa and kesari bath can be consumed not only because they are hot but because the sugar factor in the sweets can boost the energy levels and helps one stay warm. However, do keep a check on the fat content. Nuts like cashew nuts, hazelnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, almonds, walnuts can be taken as they generate heat in the body. Do keep in mind that they are high in fat content.

Hot beverages and food
*  Beverages like hot coffee, tea, almond honey milk and hot cocoa will warm you instantly.
*  Coffee can increase the body temperature.
*  A hot bowl of soup will keep you warm and also gives a feeling that your stomach is full.
*  Have sweets like payasa, carrot halwa, kesari bath etc. The sugar levels in these sweets gives the body an extra boost and keep it warm.