Bring home a Ganesh

Bring home a Ganesh

Festive gifts

Be it the beginning of a new venture or a life-turning decision, the lord of good luck is worshipped on every occasion to mark a new milestone in life.

In the Janmotsav phase of Ganesh Chaturthi celebration, the demand for ganesh idols as gifts is soaring high. While a Ganesh idol in any form is auspicious for your house, Metrolife finds out the significance of different idol-making elements that add another meaning to your gifts this season.

A sandalwood Ganesh idol is the best option for a present at any time of the year, says a Delhi-based astrologer and palmist Sewaram Jaipuriya. But he adds, “There are multiple notions attached to a Ganesh idol based on the material it is made of.” So idols made of silver, gold, stone or crystal would serve different purposes each.

“A sandalwood Ganesh helps in getting promotion at your workspace, a stone-based idol should always have a vermillion mark on it as it helps in gaining new properties and a silver idol is best suited for the pursuit of name and fame in society,” says the well-read and practicing astrologer Sewaram. The roots of a particular ark tree nurse a natural form of Ganesh at their base. Called Shwetark, this is quite sought after during Ganeshotsav. Idols made of Munga (red gemstone) help in competitive events, adds Sewaram.

A copper Ganesh is usually gifted at the birth of a baby to wish the best of health and a crystal Ganesh brings wealth, says Acharya Anil, another city-based astrologer and vastu expert. He cautions, “When you install a Ganesh-Lakshmi at the threshold of your house, make sure that the idols face the house, not the gate outside.”

Acharya Anil elucidates the benefits of some other idols of Ganesh saying, “Usually, betel nut wrapped in red thread is used as a form of Ganesh during pujas as it represents the intangible form of the God, what we refer to as nirakar. It helps in getting rid of all sorts of problems or troubles that surround us.”

Going by Acharya Anil’s views, a humble home-made form of Ganesh is anyday the best way to breathe in positivity and good-luck in one’s household.