All about using time judiciously

All about using time judiciously

Imagine that every day you are credited with Rs 86,400 with the conditions that it cannot be debited, credited to someone else or saved to be spent the next day.

One can only spend this amount that day, and the next day, one will be given the same amount again. Does this sound too good to be true? Wouldn’t one want to spend it as wisely as possible at that point in time?

Yes, we are all credited with not money but 86,400 seconds of time a day, each second of each should be used judiciously since once wasted, it is wasted and gone forever. One cannot retrieve it, siphon it off or barter it. It has to be used judiciously and wisely. Always remember the following quotation, “One minute of time wasted is 60 seconds of time that is gone forever.”

One quotation that sums up the importance of time very succinctly is “Does thou love life? Then do not squander time for that is the stuff that life is made of.”

One should use one’s time judiciously as it is an all-important resource that forms the crux of life and living. In one’s youth, one should never flitter away or squander time with no aims, goals or ambitions in mind. Instead, it would be judicious if one made early in life a life of things to do and ambitions to strive for, all complete with time frames and deadlines for completion. One should definitely not be like a cloud floating aimlessly in the sky without direction or focus. One should refrain from wasting time, doing such inane things like watching some vacuous empty TV serials, gossiping aimlessly over the phone or indulging in time-consuming, useless and deleterious habits that won’t get one anywhere.

Time can be classified into three phases, past, present and future. It would be futile for one to spend all of one’s time brooding and having misgivings about mistakes one has made in the past. Since the past is past and cannot be altered come what may, it is useless to spend valuable precious time in the present thinking about it.

Also, fantasising and building castles in the air about future prospects is also foolish since the future is not yet in one’s hands though one can plan judiciously for it.

What is in one’s hands is the present time, so one should use it wisely, optimally and judiciously. Remember the following beautiful and meaningful quote, “The past is history. The future is a mystery. Use your present wisely. It is a gift. No wonder it is called ‘the present’!”

People who use time judiciously are adept in time management strategies and more successful than time wasters. They are also better candidates for corporate jobs and get more out of both their professional and personal lives. One with slipshod time management can try to get more out of time by consistent prayer and autosuggestion so as to be on the right track.

The USP of several successful working men and women is to practice multi-tasking because there just doesn’t seem to be 24 hours in a day. However, a word of caution here: One should practice multi-tasking to save time only if one is adept and has plenty of presence of mind. For recall what happened to the absent minded professor who was told to multi-task: He ended up slamming his wife and kissing the door!