Four months on, BCom students yet to get exam results

Four months on, BCom students yet to get exam results

OMR sheets with marks of 800 students found 'forgotten' in college

Four months after their semester exam, BCom students of Bangalore University are still stuck in an endless wait for their semester results. Even the bills for honorarium for the evaluators have been cleared, but the results are yet to be declared.

Even as students await their results with bated breath, the university officials, on Saturday, found tallied results of nearly 800 students ‘forgotten’ in a college in the City, according to Registrar (evaluation) R K Somashekar. He accused the evaluators of irresponsibility which was causing mistakes in the results and the delay.

The evaluators mark the results in an OMR sheet. Each such sheet contains the result of as many as 18 students. Two days ago, the university officials found 42 such sheets in a prominent college in the City where the evaluation took place.
Somashekar said it had happened as the evaluator concerned had ‘forgotten’ to give it to the custodian.

Regular occurrence

As acknowledged by the registrar himself, the delay and mistakes in the results occur every time.

“This time it is taking long as we want to ensure that there are no mistakes in the results. When I pay attention to the mistakes, it is causing a delay.”

The university has been giving several excuses time and again for the delay. ‘Technical snag’ has been the most used excuse. He added that the university would conduct workshops for evaluators to avoid mistakes in future.

A week ago, the university officials had promised that the results of the degree courses would be announced not later than September 10.

Anxious students sat before their computers checking if the results were updated on the website. The day came and went, but the university delayed the results again, disappointing the students.

Lecturers of colleges in the City said students have been frantically asking for the results every day and they have had to ask them not to panic.

The university had also delayed the results of BSc and BBM courses. However, these results were announced a few days ago. BCom has the largest number of students. There are about 88,000 students pursuing the course in various colleges affiliated to Bangalore University.

No accountability

While the Registrar (Evaluation) stated that the problem was not on the part of the university, but that of the custodians and the evaluators, lecturers said that they had never received communication on time from the registrar.

“There is no communication from his end. The timetable or the schedule is never announced on time,” said a commerce lecturer in the City, requesting anonymity. He added that the actual time required for the university for evaluation of results and its compilation was not more than 20 days.

Vice-Chancellor Prof B Thimme Gowda said he had pulled up the person in-charge (representative of the firm for which the work has been outsourced) for not providing the CD containing the results on time.

Somashekar said the fourth semester results were likely to be announced on Monday, but the second semester results would take a couple of days more.