'Two films a year is enough'

'Two films a year is enough'

Actress Kajol, who is now set to make another comeback to the big screen, says she is a lazy actor. Kajol, 39, took a sabbatical from full-time acting in 2001 and returned to films with the 2006 romantic thriller Fanaa. But, afterwards she has been seen only in cameo appearances. In fact, her last major outing was Karan Johar's home production We Are Family (2010).

“I am lazy... I can't do more work or films beyond some extent. Two films a year is enough for me so that I feel I am working. I don't think of any film as mine till I start shooting for it. After I start working then it is mine... It is a healthy attitude,” says the talented star.

Ask what keeps her in demand despite not being in the limelight, Kajol says, “Maybe I am away from work, that is why I am in demand. I have been working for more than 20 years but I have done little work – only a handful of films. There are others who do three times or four times more films than I do.”

And now she is set to return with husband Ajay Devgn’s home production. “It is a nice script and story but nothing to talk about it as of now.... It is too premature,” she says.
But she also added that she will not be seen regularly in films as family is her priority now. “I will not do films regularly. I will take time off. I don’t want to do a film just for the heck of it. I have a full life; I have a husband, two kids, house, a production company and other things.”

So for me to take out time and do a film that means that film needs to have something strong... I need to believe in this film and I will do wonders with it,” she said.

So fa as Ajay's production company is concerned Kajol says, she is creatively involved but does not get into the nitty-gritty. And though she is not an avid movie-goer, she does not miss her husband’s films.

“I enjoy all his work... He is a fabulous and fine actor and I respect him a lot. He has done a variety of films like Satyagraha, Golmaal, Singham. He has the courage to
do different things which I don’t think any other actor can claim.

“He was not comfortable with comedy initially before Golmaal, but now he is. He has done a variety of roles. I can’t think of a role that I can’t cast him in, for he convinces you in every role he does,” says Kajol.