Water tank, purification unit have no fence

Water tank, purification unit have no fence

The drinking water purification and supply unit in the city lacks compound wall, raising questions over the steps taken by the authorities to check the contamination of water.

Water supplied to over 8,000 population in Somwarpet town is purified and supplied from a tank located in the town. But the unit neither has any fence to protect the entry of people nor any watchman to guard the place.

Though fence was installed around the unit, it was later removed as the land was then handed over to cracker traders. The place has now become a shelter for cattle.

Workshops are located on one side of the unit and private buses are parked on the other side of the unit, at night. Lack of fence makes it possible for anybody to enter into the unit. General public allege that pedestrians use the unit premises to attend nature’s call, making it filthy.

As the water tank is kept open, body of dead animals and birds are found in it.
Yet the town panchayat officers have not responded to the repeated pleas of the people to clean the tank and provide safety to the premises.

Town dweller B P Sathish said that keeping the tank open is quite dangerous as miscreants might use an opportunity to contaminate the water which in turn might put several lives into risk.

The town panchayat has to take immediate measures to address the problem, he demanded.