Woman lynched, partner beheaded in Haryana honour killing

Woman lynched, partner beheaded in Haryana honour killing

 Barbarism once again reared its head in the name of “honour killing” as a 20-year-old woman was lynched in public while her partner was beaten up and beheaded in Haryana’s Rohtak district, around 80 km from the national capital, on Wednesday.

Police on Thursday arrested four people, including the woman’s father Billu and her mother and uncle, for the heinous crime. Nidhi Barak, the woman, and her partner Dharminder had decided to marry. Nidhi’s parents opposed the relationship on the grounds that the couple belonged to the same “gotra”. The two then fled to Delhi on Tuesday to get married.

However, Nidhi’s parents managed to reach her on the phone and persuaded her to return to the village on the promise that they will not harm either her or her partner. The promise was broken as soon as the two reached home where both of them were assaulted in the most barbaric manner.

According to the police, the family of the woman broke the arms and legs of Dharminder before beheading him. There were multiple fractures on his body. The assault continued for at least half an hour before Dharminder was finally beheaded and his head was thrown outside his house, the police said.

Earlier, Nidhi’s family lynched her as villagers looked on. They also tried to cremate her body. The police took the victim’s half-burnt body and her partner’s remains for a post-mortem.