Karnataka's Vidya claims 6-Red title

Karnataka's Vidya claims 6-Red title

Bangalore based National 15-Red snooker champion Vidya Pillai overcame a one-frame deficit to beat Tamil Nadu’s Neena Praveen 4-2 to lift her maiden crown while Varun Madan (Delhi) overcame Rahul Sachdev (Maharashtra) 7-4 in the men’s final of the National 6-Red Snooker Championship here on Wednesday.

Pillai, 1-2 in arrears, kept her nevers to defeat Praveen by taking the next three frames on the trot to emerge the deserving winner.

Madan had to ward off a stiff resistance from Sachdev, who after losing the opening three frames, came surging back to level at 4-4. However, Madan dominated the next three frames to annex the men’s title. Sourav Kothari and Amee Kamani won the third place play-off matches.

Results (all finals):

Men: Varun Madan (Del) bt Rahul Sachdev (Mah) 7-4 (32-30, 50-14, 42-22, 25-33, 14-36, 31-29, 17-53, 19-44, 39-22, 69-08, 37-21).

Third place play-off: Sourav Kothari (PSPB) bt Ketan Chawla (MP) 4-2 (22-35, 35-10, 17-32, 64-05, 57-08, 36-05).

Women: Vidya Pillai (Kar) bt Neena Praveen (TN) 4-2 (37-30, 31-32, 27-37, 41-09, 32-27, 52-21).

Third place play-off: Amee Kamani (MP) bt R Umadevi (Kar) 3-0 (41-28, 31-06, 31-06).