Minister to examine reasons for press closure

Minister to examine reasons for press closure

Minister for Law T B Jayachandra has said that he will look into the reasons behind the closure of the government district printing press here.

He added that there seemed to be a conspiracy behind the closure and that action would be taken against officials who were at fault.

He visited the district printing press in Antarasanahalli industrial area on Thursday and  lamented the state of affairs after examining it. Looking at the dust-covered books and government records, he said it reflects the irresponsibility and negligence of officials concerned .

The legislature sub-committee and the Accountant General have already submitted reports in this regard. The Lokayukta too is conducting an investigation.

Answering a question, he said, a capital of crores of rupees may be required to re-open the printing press and the decision would be made only after consulting the chief minister.

“The accusation of an industrialist having made away with new equipment from the press will be seriously examined. The Lokayukta investigation must be done with diligence,” he added.