'We are a bundle of joy'

'We are a bundle of joy'

Up close and personal

It was a typical romance. He was  studying  engineering, but showed all the signs of a star-in-the-making and she, a simple college girl.  And they met through mutual friends and remained pals for a few years before realising that what was actually flying between them was more than friendly sparks.

Ramesh Aravind and Archana lost no chance in rushing to their parents about how they had hit it out.  “No tension, our parents agreed instantly and our love marriage was easier than we thought,” recalls Ramesh.

A student of University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering, Ramesh was a regular at inter-collegiate fests and Archana was a student of NMKRV College. “Like in   films, we first met at a college fest and then through mutual friends. We moved around for six years with friends before falling in love,” says Archana.

Ramesh took to acting only after he and Archana got married. And post marriage, it has been success all the way for the multilingual actor, who is now also a successful director in Sandalwood. And Ramesh knows very well how much of his success has been because of Archana. “I have been able to focus on my creativity and build up a successful career in cinema only because of Archana. She manages the house, children, their education and my finances. I just don’t have to take a second look at household affairs. It’s important to have a nice person to go back to at home after a hard day’s work,” Ramesh tells Metrolife.

Archana says that she admires Ramesh’s ability to handle any situation, no matter how tense, with a perfectly balanced mind. But the one thing she’d like to change about him is his inability to say no. “He just can’t say no,” she quips.
What is the one thing that the couple would like to change about each other? Ramesh thinks Archana could be a bit more patient than she is already. Archana says that she’s never seen a streak of ego in Ramesh all these years. “That’s terrific, considering the status he holds today,” she observes.

How do these two people manage to battle their egos and yet keep their relationship as fresh as ever? “Grown ups should never fight. I simply understand the other man’s problem and get along with them whether at home or at work,” says Ramesh.
The family takes off on a few days of break as soon as Ramesh completes the shooting of a film. “We go some place away from the City,” says Ramesh
Because of Ramesh’s  busy schedules, does the family has much time to spend together? Says Archana, “Yes. We try our level best to not let the schedules affect the family time.” She adds that they have been successful so far and confident of keeping it so. “We usually take a holiday twice a year at least and switch off all our mobiles during that period! Also, most evenings, we sit as a family for dinner and chat,” she says.

Ramesh says that being successful in cinema requires a great deal of support and encouragement from the family. “Considering my nature I would love to cram my day with all kinds of things that keep me occupied through the day. But however I always try to rush home in time for a family meal and a quick chat before the kids retire to bed,” he says.

Ramesh and Archana are proud of their kids– Niharika and Arjun. Ramesh says that Niharika has never ever given him a tough moment in all these years. “She’s an amazing combination of all qualities that one could ever have. Arjun uses me more as a punching bag and demands that I read him a story every night. Thanks to him, I have brushed up my reading so that I can narrate a story to him every night,” says Ramesh.

Their favourite holiday destination is Switzerland, which Archana thinks is amazingly calm and serene. “The food is delicious,” says Ramesh but is quick to add that there’s no better place than home.

What are their food preferences? “Ramesh and the kids love trying new tastes from across the world. I prefer any kind of Indian food,” says Archana.  Arjun and Niharika say they have grown up as normal kids with very ordinary tastes and preferences. Would acting be an option for the two of them? “Oh yes, definitely an option,” says Arjun. Niharika says she would, “probably consider the technical side like film-making”.

Arjun loves Ramesh in comic roles and thinks he has a great sense of humour. “But I think he should punch the bad guys more often,” he jokes. Niharika thinks he carries off the emotional roles really well, mainly because he makes it look so natural and effortless! “There’s absolutely nothing I would want him to change about his acting, because if he did, he wouldn’t be him.”

When the family comes together Ramesh says, “Oh we’re just a bundle of joy.”

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