Addapallakki Utsava standoff continues

The controversy over the proposed Àddapallakki Utsava (the ritual of carrying the seer in a palanquin) of Rambhapuri Jagadguru Veerasomeshwara Shivacharya on October 14, Vijaya Dashami day, at Jewargi, has taken a serious turn, even threatening the law and order situation, with stiff opposition coming from a section of swamijis from within the Veerashaiva community.

Jewargi, about 40 km from here, has been reeling under tension forcing the administration to intervene to prevent the possibility of commotion between the followers of Panchacharyas and the self-styled progressive followers of Basava philosophy.

The matter has reached even the chief minister’s office in Bangalore. Siddaramaiah has given his green signal for holding the event peacefully.

Taking a cue from the CM, the administration after holding a meeting of both the factions of Lingayat seers has given permission to both to carry out their activities under certain conditions. The factions have agreed to abide by the conditions, among others, not to make any provocative speech and complete their respective activities within set timings.


As a counter to the Dasara Durbar planned by the followers of Rambhapuri Swamiji, the faction led by Mahanta Shivacharya Swamiji of Sulaphal Mutt, Gulbarga, with the support of the Sri Siddhalinga Mahaswamy of Tontadarya Mutt, Gadag, has already begun a series of lectures and discourses on the Shivasharanas of Basaveshwara tradition.

However, this particular faction has taken strong objection to Addapallakki ritual which it brands as anti-human. The followers had even threatened to go to the extent of physically stalling it but gave up after stern warning by the administration.


Addapallakki is a very old ritual performed by the followers of the Panchacharya Jagadgurus. Before 1929 it used to be held within the premises of the respective mutts.
In 1929, Mysore Maharaja Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar invited the then seer Sri Shivanand Jagadguru to the palace for holding the Addapallakki.

The Maharaj requested the swamiji to hold the ritual all over the state and also outside the state to bless the devotees. Subsequently, the ritual was taken out of the mutts and was observed all over the state and outside  from 1930.

This is the 22nd annual dasara durbar of the present Rambhapuri Mutt swamiji and is being held in Jewargi from October 5 to 14.

Blessing devotees

The spirit behind the addapallakki is to give darshan to the devotees and bless them. The Swamiji insists that it was neither anti-human nor unconstitutional.

Notwithstanding his defence, the controversy refuses to die down with increasing opposition to the ritual from the so called progressives and rationalists within the Veerashaiva community.

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