Tech for education

Tech for education

The development and modernisation of technology has made a tremendous breakthrough in our lives. It has led to a comfortable life for people and has created new opportunities for them to aspire for a better future.

With technology making firm incursions in every sector, it was inevitable that it would change the conventional patterns of education in India. The explosion of information now available on various platforms leads to the expansion of our view of looking at different facets. With the advancement and scope of communication globally, there is a need to prepare the youth and growing generation for a world that is yet to be created, for jobs that are yet to be put in the employment structure and for technologies that are yet to be invented.

Additionally, the technology fusion and changing world economy are redefining the ways in which children are progressing on the academic front.

Shift in paradigm

The current teaching paradigm is shifting to tablets and e-learning courses. Educational institutions are gearing up to adopt technologically enhanced ways of teaching. Gone are those days, when books were considered to be the only medium for spreading knowledge and awareness. Anciently, people were also not very accustomed to the concept of interactive classrooms and the use of tablets and projectors along with 3D images in the methodology of teaching.

With the provision of many e-learning solution providers and use of technology driven tools, the education system is fostering young talent as well as nurturing professional growth of aspiring students.

Nowadays, the focus is more on designing and developing cutting edge products, services and content across a complete vertical of the education domain. Ranging from online test and assessment platform, professional trainings and other services, information is being imparted in the form of ‘easy to understand’ programs and manuals.

E-learning has given rise to technologists and software developers to assist the learning pattern. The idea is to digitally support teachers and students and make the exchange of information transparent as well as convenient.

Apart from offering built features for improving teacher-student interaction, e-learning platforms are coming up with models that deliver high quality teaching and learning experience along with fully solved papers and educational 2D/3D videos.

Productive engagements

The use of online e-learning modules and digital classrooms offer comprehensive study material that furthers the preparation of students preparing for Medical, Engineering and Foundation Level exams. These are easily accessible and interactive in nature that help students source real time high quality video lectures and self-assessment tools, besides regular feedback mechanisms to increase intellectual capacity. Also, these encourage productive engagements by providing a complete question bank, strength weakness analysis, market players’ input and other relevant sections.

With Technology joining hands with education, knowledge sharing and understanding has become far more advanced and efficient; students can refer to information anytime-anywhere without depending on teachers for their doubts along with fine tuning their soft skills across specialised courses in universities or vocational institutions. Also, with the support of technology driven applications and implementations, many schools have overcome their limitations and strengthened the learning processes as per students’ requirements, pace and capacity.

Several projects under way in schools are moving towards implementing new technology for students in the form of laptops, tablets, e-learning modules, 3D videos and many other ‘tech-drivers’ to encourage a ‘TechEd’ future.

Since, Technology has already altered our way of life to a great extent, it is going to change the way we learn and seek information in future. Introducing accessible, interesting and affordable e-learning modules will help in converting the conventional classrooms into smart classes. Consequently, this will improve their learning capabilities.

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