For the love of books

For the love of books

Bookworms in Delhi are not just seeking books but also like-minded people to share their thoughts with. This is proved by the rise of several book clubs in Delhi and NCR of late including Gurgaon Connection Book Club (for expats only), Novel Ideas, the Aravali Book Club etc. Most of these specialise in a certain genre and discussions take place on books of that genre only.

The latest club to join this bandwagon is the Delhi Book Lovers Club, fondly called DBLC. South-Delhi based DBLC is formed of mostly book fanatics and enthusiasts. This lively group is made up of people who love reading non-fiction books from varied genres ranging from spiritual and religious to motivational writings. The most preferred authors are Dr Deepak Chopra, Stephen R Covey, Robin Sharma, His Holiness - The Dalai Lama, Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Rachel Bridge and Jack Welsh.

Founded by one Kunal Gupta, the members meet up in different places mostly in South Delhi to discuss or exchange books over drinks or just a cup of coffee. It also gives a chance for members to socialise, make acquaintances and share conversations on their favourite authors. This club is meant primarily for people who are pressed for time but still love reading books.

The club is connected to major publishing houses like Penguin, Harper Collins, Amaryllis and the club members also attend events of Penguin and regularly participate in discussions organised by them. DBLC has had about three dozen meets in the past. Some significant ones include a session by best-selling author Madhuri Banerjee, book reading by author Amandeep Sandhu, one by author Parul Mittal, discussion on the book The Reluctant Fundamentalist, a discussion on the works of Khaleed Hosseini, workshop on writing by professional writers and an interactive reading session by author
Sid Bahri.

No charges have to be paid for attending these eclectic meetings and these vibrant discussions, high on knowledge quotient, are open to all. Author of Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas, Madhuri Banerjee, says, “I have attended a couple of book club sessions and I think it’s a fantastic idea to have such groups. There are so many film clubs but no book clubs when there is so much to learn in such sessions.”

“You can discuss books, philosophies therein, recommend books to each other, also lend and borrow them. More such book clubs are required in regional languages as well. I, as a book lover, would love to become a part of such clubs.”  

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