In an exciting new phase

In an exciting new phase

The music band ‘The News’ describe themselves as a ‘happy band that plays happy music’. This acoustic folk rock band from Bangalore, who tout ‘The Beatles’ as their biggest influence, finished third at Strawberry Fields last year.

They call themselves ‘The News’ because they say that ‘they are everywhere’. This band is composed of a bunch of really cheerful people who write songs about things that happen to them in their lives. Songs such as ‘Lucky Summer Day’ and ‘Summertime’ have become crowd favourites at gigs. Right now, the band is on a self- imposed hiatus while looking for a new drummer and bassist.

Jamming in a living room-cum-practice space, their jamming sessions are characterised by tea breaks and conversations about the songs that they write.
‘The News’ is definitely a band that takes its melodies and composition seriously. When asked about music that they listen to and are influenced by, the members look at each other, smile and say in unison, ‘The Beatles’.

With plans of establishing a fixed line-up, ‘The News’ hopes to gig a lot and play the new songs that they’ve been composing over the period. The future also entails an album that should come out within a year.

“We’re looking at putting out more music of the acoustic folk rock kind that we play,” says their rhythm guitarist and lead singer Ankit, who is also the main songwriter in the band. “This started out in my bedroom, when I was a kid and used to pen down songs,” Ankit says. With time, he has learnt to experiment with the sounds and melodies that have always been in his mind.

 “We change every day and so do our songs and song-writing,” he adds. The band is open to new music and each band member listens to a number of artistes.

Speaking of other musicians, they say “We like them but we are not influenced by them.” Waiting to return to gigs to test their new material, ‘The News’ is looking forward to an uncertain but highly exciting phase in the band’s life.

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