Dawn of a new light


Dawn of a new light

Lighting a home is no longer a simple task. It is now a fancy decor project and no one’s complaining! Ankita Sengupta gives us the latest trends to choose from.

A utility feature in most homes some decades back, lighting has now become a decor project. Basic light fixtures rarely add to the décor of a room. Lamps, on the other hand, up the aesthetic quotient of even a dull room. Be it night lamps, table lamps or desk lamps, there is a lamp for every time and place. There are also chandeliers that have a more ornamental style of lighting. But due to space and budget constraints, they are not for everybody and are not utility-specific light fixtures. If you are looking for something better than simple lamps and not as loud as chandeliers, worry not. Available in the market now are lights that combine the utility of a strong, fuss-free light bulb with the decorative power of chandeliers.

Made up of stainless steel, these light fixtures are actually much lighter than they actually look. Simple, stylish and not in-your-face, these designer light fixtures do not hog all the attention but subtly add to the décor of the room. Generally, because of the use of naked light bulbs or unassuming light shades, the lights in a room do not receive much attention, but these steel light fixtures refuse to go unnoticed. With delicate and often minimalistic designs, these fixtures are for those who would want to stay away from bling but still use decorative lights. For people who like chandeliers, there are light fixtures available that combine the charm of chandeliers by the use of crystals with stainless steel. But these lights come without the size or the imposing structure of a chandelier. Small in size and easy to maintain, these light fixtures bring an instant charm to the room. As for maintenance, all you need is a soft cloth dipped in warm water to clean these fixtures every three months or so.

If you are partial to diffused lighting, there are light fixtures available which use different fabrics instead of crystals on a stainless steel frame. These fabrics filter and diffuse the light, making it softer and adding a mellow effect to the room. Similar to the crystal fixtures, these too are low on maintenance. They can be easily cleaned by a vacuum cleaner. Devaraju P N, a lighting expert, says that these light fixtures are gaining in popularity because of their uncomplicated but elegant designs which find use in most homes. “People favour light fixtures which they can install and then not spend too much time taking care of them. These lights are high on style but require very little in terms of maintenance and so they are much in demand now,” opines Devaraju.

Another kind of light lamp often used by us is the reading lamp. If you were accustomed to a reading lamp on your desk or even at your bedside table, there are light fixtures available now that can act as a reading light even when you are sitting on a couch. Unlike other light fixtures, these do not need an external support and hence can be easily used without a table or a desk to place it on. The light tubes used do not spread the light over a wide area, concentrating on a limited space, making it an ideal light fixture to be used beside a sofa or a couch.

If simplicity is not your style and you favour something quirky, keeping in mind the taste of the young and the experimental clientele, there are some light fixtures available in unique designs. You can take your pick from designs ranging from a hanging oil lantern to standing floor lights in the shape of a shower, all made up of stainless steel. However, if you want to bring in a little bit of glamour into your home, there are ceiling fixtures available that spell bling but with a restraint.

These designs have stainless steel strips beautifully entwined with crystals so that when the light is turned on, they create interesting light effects. However, unlike chandeliers or pendant lights, they do not attract all the attention to themselves. But since this light fixture moves away from the simple and minimal design that characterises the other light fixtures, they are best to be used as a centrepiece in the living room or even the dining room.

CFL lights have enjoyed monopoly for a long period of time but these new types of light fixtures often come with their own light bulbs or tubes installed in them and most of them are LED lights. LED or Light Emitting Diodes are becoming very popular due to their energy-saving capabilities. “Though about seventy per cent of our clients still prefer CFL to LED, the number of people opting for LED is increasing gradually,” asserts Devaraju.

Arpita Ram, an interior designer, says, “LED fixtures can do wonders to change a space around.” There may be some hesitation regarding the initial investment but it does turn out to be a good bargain. “Not only do you save on the power bill, but it is hassle-free when it comes to reducing the overhead of paying for bulbs, tubes, etc., from time to time,” says Arpita. The price of these light fixtures ranges from Rs 6,000 to as much as Rs 20,000 depending upon the design and the use of CFL or LED lights. Whether it is simple, quirky or energy-conserving, these new-age light fixtures seem to have something for everyone. Coupled with their understated size and the fact that these will not leave your pocket smoking, these contemporary light fixtures spell out utility and style at affordable prices.

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