'Humanity is my superpower'

'Humanity is my superpower'

Dressed in a figure hugging printed short skirt teamed with a white shirt and an aztec print boyfriend jacket, Priyanka Chopra aka Piggy Chops straight away caught the eyes of shutterbugs present for the press conference of Krrish 3.

Priyanka was recently in the City for the promotion of her upcoming flick Krrish 3 along with Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Kangana Ranaut and Rakesh Roshan. She talked about her role in the film and speculations on the tiff between Kangana and her.

For Priyanka, what upsets her most is when people talk about catfight between actresses. “Aise rumours ek actress ke auhde ko film mein chhota kar dete hai (Such rumours lowers the status of an actress in a film). It creates an image as if both the heroines are not artistes and they don’t even take their work seriously. They are only interested in knowing what others are doing,” says Priyanka. “Why don’t you talk about male actors? Nothing is being said about them,” she remarks.  “During the shoots Hrithik and Vivek had so many verbal fights. Why is nothing written about them,” seriously questions Priyanka.

However, she is excited to take the story of Krrish forward with Hrithik in Krrish 3. In a film where there is a superhero, mutant and evil, Priyanka is the only human. “Humanity is my superpower,” she says. “In Krrish, my character Priya had lots of ups and down. It was because Priya had an ambition to use Krishna’s superpowers for selfish motive. This time again, there’s an interesting shade to my character, ” says the actress.

Priyanka calls her role complicated. “Half way through the film my character turns into a double role. One is positive and the other is negative,” she says. In a fraction of second, Hrithik interrupts and says, “Priyanka is playing herself. It is up to you whether you want to desire her or be afraid of her.”

  “Better be afraid!” exclaims Priyanka with a smile on her face.

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