What are you holding on to?

What are you holding on to?

Do you drink milk from a feeding bottle at the age of 20? Obviously not. Then why hold onto things in your life which never worked out and never will? Moving on is an inherent human nature.

It is indeed easier said than done to move on. But there is a saturation point. There are times when we feel that bygone incidents and persons from our life cannot be recovered. Yet, we try to cling on to them. If you keep on adding sugar in a glass of water, it stops dissolving after a point of time. If that’s how an area of your life feels, don’t you think it is high time to move on? The things of the past that we over-analyze in life cannot be absorbed by us after a certain threshold.

Thinking about what has expired is an atrophy of the mind. Our energy expended in clinging to our past prevents us from moving forward in life. It is indeed necessary to cease entertaining whatever is old and decayed. Nevertheless, moving on isn’t easy. We form a part of our identity with the many incidences and people who have left us. We feel that we cannot continue the same way without them in our lives. Yes, it is true, we cannot continue living life in the same way as before, but that doesn’t mean we cannot take a cue from it and move on.

The future beckons us and the past strangles us. The present has an all-yielding nature. Give in to the present and look forward to your future. Replaying old and rotten remarks of people, how they hurt you, and the like incidents only drain your energy.

Moving on doesn’t obliterate the past. True. But it capacitates us to transcend the discomposure as we embrace new learning opportunities.

The past cannot be done away with entirely, but all we can do is to accept that it all happened for the best. Whatever we are today, the past definitely played a role in our formation.

Many a time people find it difficult to move on as they keep on denying the past that was unfavourable to them. Denial does not help in setting things right nor does mulling over. In fact, moving on would be easier if only people realize that all the energy they spend in over-analyzing the past can be instead utilized for the achievement of their goals in future.

Moving on does not mean that you have to delete the past, which is impossible. Nor does it mean that you cling on to it. Moving on is all about understanding what went wrong in the past and how you can prevent that in the present and future. One thing you must remember though is not to mull over the past as an insider. Look at it from a third person’s point of view. Detach yourself and interpret the past impersonally. That will help you move on, while having understood your past better.

Moving on means being patient enough for what you deserve. There is no need to struggle to make something work out in your favour, and in the process hurt yourself more and more. It is better to focus your energy on something you can control than wasting it all on things over which you have absolutely no control. Untie the weights on your ankles and you will be free to move on. 

Detaching yourself from the past is one of the steps towards moving on and concentrating on better things in life ahead. Pretending that the past never happened is not really healthy, for you need to learn from the past. You need to accept your past for it was. It is of no use living on empty promises of repairing the bygone situation. Instead, be hopeful of a more favourable future. Whatever happened was meant to be and moving on means perceiving everything that occurred in the past as an induction training for the course of life. 

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