Assimilating into an alien culture

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Assimilating into an alien culture

The expat community in Bangalore has become a part and parcel of the culture and ethos of the City so much so that they soak and indulge in every Indian festival, in true Indian style – be it the food, mode of celebration or the clothes.

With Deepavali just a few days away, expats in the City share their festival plans with Metrolife.

While food, especially the Deepavali sweets are something they are looking forward to, bursting crackers and visiting friends are also high on their agenda.

Loic Lecomte, an expat from France, has been working and living with his family in Bangalore for sometime now.

Loic has a close circuit of Indian friends. During any Indian festival, Loic and his family get invited by a lot of their Indian friends.

 “We quickly slip into our Indian clothes and participate in the celebrations. We relish Indian food and sweets. Our children love the lights, crackers and the spirit of the Deepavali celebrations,” notes Loic, who is glad that his kids are getting the right kind of exposure to Indian festivals and the true style of celebrations. Beth Chapman and Jeff Samstad make sure that their children – Delilah and Millie Chapman Samstad – get the real feel of Deepavali.

They bring out their Indian clothes and Beth takes a lot of care to get her children dressed in Indian costumes.

“This year, we will be going to a few family-friendly parties nearby. There will be dances, sweets and activities for the kids and when the time is right, we will all gather outside to burst crackers. It’s the kind of wholesome inter-generational fun I grew up with in the United States and I appreciate that my children are able to experience it here,” shares Beth, who has bought her close friends and family some Deepavali gifts.

She adds, “I love the energy, the way the City transforms itself, the diyas, the drums, the saris that come out, and the general lightness and joy that settles over the world at this special time of the year.”

Alexander Moore, an Australian, has been living in the City for a while now. He feels Deepavali offers an outsider a feel of different foods and customs.

Alexander jokingly states, “I describe Deepavali to overseas friends as being similar to being in a war zone where no one gets hurt (unless hit by a stray firecracker). The sweets are insanely sweet, the noise loud, lights and decorations are beautiful – it’s hard to beat.”

Alexander says that he has celebrated Deepavali in Bangalore and with friends in

“This year, we had our first dress-up party last weekend and will have another over the Deepavali weekend. It’s
exciting,” he sums up.

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