How to be GREEN!

How  to be GREEN!

1. Always use a refillable pen rather than a throwaway plastic pen. How many people, including teachers use throwaway pens and how many use refillable pens? Find out!
 Using several throwaway plastic pens rather than one refillable pen creates more rubbish and wastes the plastics and energy needed to make the pen.

2. Find out how your class could use paper less wastefully by writing on both sides, not printing out more tha you need to whe working on the computer, adn using the back of old computer paper for rough work.

3. What sort of bags do you and your friends use? What sort of a bag does your teacher use? Try and get everyone to use strong, long-lasting bags instead of disposable plastic carriers.

4. How do you carry your lunch to school? Are you a good green student and carry your lunch in a reusable steel or tupperware container? If your friends bring their lunches in throwaway plastic, foil or paper bags get them to change and bring green lunch boxes!

5. Take a plant to keep in your classroom! Have you ever thought of growing a plant or taking one from your garden to keep in the class window sill? You could try taking a Money Plant, a spider plant or a fern. All these plants help to keep the indoor air clean. They will also make your classroom look more friendly and get a whiff from home to cheer you up when you do badly in a test or an exam!

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