Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

Writer's Garden

Water lily

One is amazed
 by a water-lily bud
With each passing day,
Taking on a richer colour
And new dimensions
One is not amazed,
At a first glance,
By a poem,
Which is as tight-closed
As a tiny bud.
Yet one is surprised
To see the poem
Gradually unfolding,
Revealing its rich inner self,
As one reads it
And over again

Naoshi Koriyama


Friendship is the greatest wealth that brings many pleasures to gladden the heart. Friendship is the glorious melody whose beauty increases with the passage of time.
A really close Friendship doesn’t just happen... It takes time to build the kind of trust and respect, that makes a Friendship, a lasting one.
Friendship is smooth, free-flowing like a river of dreams....
That brings surprises all new, growing deeper day after day.
Friendship can show, how beautiful life can be.

Ayesha Yousra,
IXth Iqua English
Medium School,

Life is a gift

Life is short, make it more sweet
Make it the best, not the worst
Life is precious, make it more glorious
Living for a hundred years without
happiness or confidence is not good
it is far better to lead a life of one day
filled with happiness, confidence and love
no one knows the origin of the river
where it forms, where it joins,
the same is true of our lives
where we take birth, where we
will grow, where we will join,
no one knows for sure
life is never full of sweetness
but neither is it sour
if we try , we can make it sweet
and we should remember to be
happy till our life ends

R. Pavan Kumar
VIII ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s School

In my dreams
I know a face, A lovely face,
So full of beauty, and grace;
That face could compare
to none other,
That lovely face of a lovely lady in
My dream is my teacher.

M Surya, VIII ‘B’
Sri Kumaran English High School.

The joy of reading

I always carry a book in my hand.
Whether I sit or stand.
Reading books always fiascinates me
and makes my mind full of glee
Just try reading once,
Then see the results,
You never stop reading
What ever you are feeling!
Reading gives you knowledge,
about everything, even the ancient age!
Read any book you want,
even about our environment which
tells us to plant more.
Read everything jokes, comics, novels.
As no one has restrictions about these things.
But pick up the words from a book
Which you think will help your mind to be fit!

R Madhurika Upadhya,
VI Std ‘B’ Sec. Godwin Public School,
Amco Layout, Sahakarnagar, Bangalore.

Colours of my life

Pink signifies tenderness
Blue gives us pure happiness
green signifies everlasting
black signifies naughtiness
yellow signifies peace
white signifies calmness
violet signifies pleasant surroundings
these are the colours of my life

Surabhi R. Kurpad
IX VIP School


Friends are forever
who can be forgotten never
They are good
who are mostly found
in the neighbourhood
they can be made easily
who can’t be broken easily
if friendship
is borken,
it is like a sinking ship

C. Ravichandra
8th ‘B’, Sri Kumaran’s English School