Inspired by Oscar nominated Russian film — ‘The Dawns Here Are Quiet’, based on Boris Vassilyev’s novel, national Award winner Jananathan presents a commedable ‘Peraanmai’ (Pride of Man).

‘Peraanmai’ is a meaningful social and patriotic movie compared to the run of mill films foisted every Friday.

A tad tedious in the first half, ‘Peraanmai’ gains pace post interval with a scintillating climax.
Drawing inspiration from Marxism Jananathan has as protagonist a low-caste, well-educated tribal forest guard with five city-bred NCC girl cadets as companions.
How  these quintet who initially tease him but later admire his leadership qualities and together save the country from mercenaries’ evil designs forms the fulcrum of ‘Peraanmai’.  Go for it.

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