Residents write letter to CM on roads

Residents write letter to CM on roads

“The name of our village is Kanive and the road which connects Kodagu to Mumbai literally does not exist.

We have planned to plant the names of MLA in one pothole each covering all of 223 MLAs in your cabinet,” read the letter.
The letter said that the biggest pothole, which is almost like a small pond will have the name of CM himself. Likewise the potholes will be named depending on the calibre of the Ministers and their qualification.
Residents Bharadhwaj, K R Rangaswamy, S R Revanna, H B Raju, Abdul Gafur and others said that through the letter they have sought permission                      of           CM for this programme                       of christening the potholes after him and his cabinet members.

“We will be very happy to have you for inauguration of the programme,” the letter states and goes on to read that during rainy season they can even rear guppies in the potholes.

“If you ask the Fisheries Department to give fingerling at a subsidised price, even rearing fishes in the potholes can be a good source of employment for the youth here. We are expecting an answer from you at the earliest,” says the letter.
The villagers have taken this extreme step after asking the departments concerned to repair the roads for several years.

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