Just playing differently!

Just playing differently!

Music surely has no boundaries and restrictions – it is one thing that binds people together from all walks of life. And music is one thing that people enjoy in any form – rock, metal, pop, jazz, indipop, classical, folk or even just instruments...

Delhi Drum Circle, is one such group of music lovers, comprising members from various countries who come together to play a wide assortment of musical instruments usually hand-drums and percussion, in a circle. Every alternate  Saturday at Basant Lok Complex in Vasant Vihar or Zorba they all come together and play their heart out.

Currently the group has 12,000 members including people from foreign countries and  of all ages.

According to Harit Bhasin, one of the members,  “The main objective is to share rhythm and get in tune with people from all walks of life and drum along and have fun in life. We have 90 per cent Indians and the rest are foreigners – German, American, British and from the African countries too. Apart from them we have photographers and general public too as part of our group.”

“There is no criteria to join the group and no money is involved. One just needs to love music from the heart and play from  the heart. We have djembe, flute, mouth organ, bartanika, dafli, etc as part of our instrument list. Also one doesn’t need to have any formal training to be part of the group. Even I never got any formal training to play dru­ms.

Though, I am a trained singer,” adds Harit who is also an IT professional.

The music enthusiast is also the lead vocalist and keyboardist of the Delhi-based band ‘Infusion’. All the members are working professionals and come from different walks of life, and the only thing that binds them together is music and they are here to inculcate a love for music in everyone, hence the name ‘Infusion’.

The social networking site Facebook has been the group’s only mode of communication among members since the group’s inception. People get together to play either freestyle, improvising along the way or with a facilitator who directs the rhythm. Members even have diverse background – some are poets, some are students, some lawyers, doctors  while some  others are engineers.

Sharing his experience from his childhood days, the drummer, says, “I was very passionate since my childhood days. And even my father encouraged me a lot and used to take me to a lot of jam sessions. And that’s how I have managed to come till here.”
So, join them and dance and sing...as music knows
no language, no race!

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