NRN bats for Modi as PM candidate

NRN bats for Modi as PM candidate

NRN bats for Modi as PM candidate

Backing Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi as a prime ministerial candidate, Infosys mentor N R Narayana Murthy said on Saturday that the BJP’s poll mascot should be allowed to show a “sense of contrition” to end the debate on his alleged involvement in the post-Godhra riots.

“When it came to the discussion of a certain somebody from a certain party, I said, look, the reality of the matter is as long as we accept that we did something that was not right, as long as we are willing to show a sense of contrition, we’ll have to move on. Otherwise we will argue on this till the fire freezes,” he said in a discussion at the NDTV Solutions summit here.

Murthy did not name Modi or referred to the Gujarat riots  during the discussion, but when asked if he was referring to BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi, he nodded in agreement.

This was not the first time Murthy praised Modi. However, his reactions assumed significance in the context of many political parties calling to prevent Modi from becoming the prime minister owing to the 2002 Gujarat riots which took place when he was the chief minister.

Earlier several times, Murthy said we should simply accept Modi as he has done something good in Gujarat.  Referring to repeated discussion on Gujarat riots, Murthy said instead of giving a chance to Modi, we keep debating the issue time and again.

“Let’s also remember one thing that courts have not indicted the gentleman. The courts have not passed any strictures, any judgment and therefore the best we can do at this point of time is to accept a sense of contrition from the individual and then move on. Because, otherwise we can go on with this time and again for the next 100 years,” he said.

Murthy added: “While, I am fully committed to secular democracy as the fundamental cornerstone of India for ages to come, I only said that we are all human beings. God is not finished with us. Therefore, let us give an opportunity to the individual to show his sense of contrition and then move on.”

Echoing his views, former Union minister Arun Shourie said the better way “is to focus on the pluralism of the Indian society and not the secularist aspect.”