Time to be among top 'powerhouse' markets globally: NSE chief

Time to be among top 'powerhouse' markets globally: NSE chief

Confident of the Indian stock market becoming one of the “really large powerhouses” of the world, top bourse National Stock Exchange (NSE) MD and CEO Chitra Ramkrishna says that time has come to unleash a new set of changes by the government, regulators and exchanges to realise this potential.

“This will not only help India meet lofty goals of being among the top markets globally, but also make it competitive and attractive for large sovereign wealth funds and large long-term funds from abroad for capital inflows,” Ramkrishna said. NSE is the country’s largest stock exchange and this position was attained by it after just one year of commencing operations.

“We have the potential and it is time to get our acts together to be among the real big powerhouses in this business. These things do not happen just by intent, but also require lots of conscious actions that we take, be it policy decisions, legislation, creating institutions, etc. We need to go about it in a very planned and systematic fashion,” said Ramkrishna.
Asked about NSE’s 20-year journey, Ramkrishna said, “In the last two decades, a major part of the journey of NSE has to do with the journey of Indian economic reforms.”

Talking about the path ahead for NSE and the overall Indian capital markets space, the NSE chief said: “We can definitely say today that India is one of best markets in the world and the transformation that has taken place from the time it was in 90s has been possible because of right policy actions taken by regulators, government and th exchanges.

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