Today's letters

Today's letters

MNS, Sena throwing tantrums


Shiv Sena throwing tantrums frequently on Sachin, attacking media, manhandling legislator, press crew etc., is unbecoming thereby exposing its shortcomings.

The party seems to be in state of a 'fish out of water' desperate to hog limelight after the poll debacle in the state assembly election. The think tank of the party needs constructive strategies to win over the people’s aspiration rather than destructive means to remain focus. By dividing Marathi Manoos the Sena will never be able to unfurl saffron flag at Mantralaya.

Deepak Chikramane

Conduct raids frequently

Following the ban on arrack came into effect in 2007,the bootleggers are very active in manufacturing Illicitly distilled liquor(ID liquor) to satisfy the needs of those who cannot live without consuming the liquor, as these habits are very hard to break in contrast to good habits which are very difficult to cultivate.

Though the Govt and the state excise Dept and the state police special squad are raiding the hooch manufacturing units located in several areas of the city, the units are thriving and several deaths are taking place very often.

People should be educated about the harmful effects of consuming ID liquor, but the clandestine business of manufacturing of ID liquor is thriving, and therefore the state excise dept and the state special police squad should conduct the raids of those manufacturing units and destroy the ID liquor on a monthly basis to create an impression in the minds of the bootleggers that the squads may arrive at anytime.

Therefore the Govt should instruct the excise and the police squad to conduct the raids frequently and punish the guilty in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state excise Act.

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Simply futile

Those who are comparing Sachin and Sunny, should remember that the start of the career of the former almost coincided with the retirement of the latter. The bright torch of glory kept burning by Sunil from 1971 upto the late 80s, is being more than ably carried forward by the living legend called Sachin. Therefore, to find any similarity or otherwise between the two greats is simply futile.

Also, those harping on the unnecessary controversy of Maharashtrian pride, should remember the fateful day of 26/11. Even if a cursory glance at the names of the martyrs, who laid down their lives fighting the terrorists, or look at the list of the heroes who bravely survived the onslaught, would reveal that an overwhelming number among them are Maharashtrians.

Arun Malankar

Good initiative

Union Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh  has taken a  commendable step in bringing a new standard for air quality standard which is at par with those in Europe and higher than US (Clean air-23/11/09).

It is known that  the environment pollution as a result of  fast urbanisation, increased industrialisation, exponential growth in the number of vehicles etc., which has taken a heavy toll of the health of  the people. He has come up with legal safeguards and these standards are equally applicable both for industrial and residential areas. Now it is necessary to put in place an effective mechanism to monitor the air quality.

H R Bapu Satyanarayana

Improve English proficiency

Time was when India had an advantage over non-English speaking countries, particularly China, in its use of English. Now India is falling far behind China, thereby risking squandering a key economic advantage, according to a study by the British Council.

The study paints a disquieting scenario, with less than 5 per cent of the Indian population speaking English. That means that only 55 million people in an emerging IT power use English. In comparison, China has scripted a silent revolution, adding 20 million English speakers each year as a result of new education policy that requires English to be taught as a compulsory subject in primary schools.

Unfortunately, our State policies are putting curbs on the teaching-learning of English, with the result we are throwing away the advantage we once had. A vast segment of the student population, particularly from the socially-and-economically-marginalised sections of society, is denied opportunities to learn English.

India is sure to fall behind many Asian countries in its English usage, with the rate of improvement in the English language skills of the Indian students being too slow. The study suggests that a range of approaches is required to improve English proficiency in India.

B Shanmukhappa

PM's visit to US

Indian Prime Minister's visit to USA should help cement relations between India and USA. Our Prime Minister should use the opportunity to promote the interests of software professionals of India who are denied visa on one pretext or the other.

It has been proved beyond doubt that American MNCs cannot be run effectively without Indian software professionals and India's intellectuals. When this is the case, the US President should as a matter of goodwill start permitting our people to migrate in large number to USA for jobs.

K V Suryanarayanan
Race Course Road

Pets' free run

Nobody objects to freedom of the people who wish to have dogs. But, that doesn't mean they can be careless with regard to their pets' free run by unchaining them while taking for a walk and creating fear on others.

Apart from this these dog owners do not bother about their pets finding compound walls, parks and nicely kept lawns of some houses to make nuisance by their pets.  Dog Owners note the genuine feelings of their fellow citizen and behave with some responsibility.   


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