Big wishlist for Santa

Big wishlist for Santa

Joyous occasion

Big wishlist for Santa

The Christmas celebrations have begun and with the big day right around the corner, the little ones are on their best behaviour to make sure that their beloved Santa Claus knows that they’ve been good.

While the reindeer are busy preparing for the long night of dropping gifts into chimneys and the postmen are busy delivering wishlists to the North Pole, Metrolife speaks to some children about what they’ve asked Santa to bring them this Christmas.

Jayden Ajeesh Nair, a student of Frank Anthony Public School, excitedly says that he can’t wait for Christmas morning.

“I’m yet to write my letter to Santa but I will ask him to give me either a story book or activity book, which I can learn from. Other than that, I’ll ask him for a Lego set or perhaps a remote control motorbike. Last year, he left me a Hot Wheels car under the Christmas tree.

I’ve been a good boy this year too and hope that he gives me these presents,” shares the seven-year-old.

Girls will always be girls and Reema, an eight-year-old, says that she wants the latest Barbie this Christmas. “My friends and I wrote to Santa together and all of us have asked for different dolls so that we can play together on December 25. I’ve also asked him for a cooking set to add to my dollhouse,” she shares.

Even the young ones like Ivey Roy, who will turn four in February, have their own set of requests. Asked what she wants from Santa, she says, “I want a small girl, books on Toy Story, a cat, a princess dress, a big wing, a big lollypop and lots of Kinder Joy eggs, which have toys inside them.”

For the expats in the City, Christmas plays an equally big, if not bigger part, for the kids. Nadir and Amin Elyaddasse, who are seven and five respectively, are all set with their wishlists.

The older brother Nadir says, “I have asked Santa for a green lightsaber from Star Wars and the World Wrestling Entertainment Slam Attax trading cards.” His little brother Amin, also a fan of sci-fi, adds, “For Christmas, I’ve asked Santa for a Fire sword and a Star Wars Lego set. I really hope he leaves them for me.”