Changes in the global market

The Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS), in association with Daito Bunka University, Japan, organised ‘Cross Cultural Management in Global Business’, an international two-day conference on its campus recently. 

The conference, which aimed to get better understanding of cross-cultural management, invited research scholars and academicians to present papers on the theme. More than 60 papers from national and international delegation, which included representatives from Singapore, Japan, Tokyo, Afghanistan and other countries, were presented. The conference was held in two sessions on both the days. 

The conference began with a paper presentation by T Shinoda Takshi, chairman, Daito Bunka University. 

He gave a Japanese perspective of cross-cultural management and spoke about the auto industry in global standard. Also, he threw light on the growth of the food industry in Japan and the trend of the domestic market, while emphasising that it was important for the Japanese market to localise its products in order to reach the consumers better. 

The speaker ended his presentation on the food industry with the conclusion that there was need for strategies to contribute to the world with safe and nutritionally balanced food products. Venkatesha, director, ABBS, said, “Culture plays an important role in business management. Many financial and business decisions vary from culture to culture.

For instance, an HR professional can’t work in a similar way in two countries as the lifestyle, habits and interests of the employees differ. The conference tries to understand the various changes that are taking place in the global market.”

The two-day conference had technical sessions on ‘Culture and HRM’, ‘Advertisement and Cultural Insights’, ‘Culture as a Product in Global Business’, ‘CSR and Cross Cultural Issues’, ‘Globalisation and Cross Culture’, ‘Business and Government– Cultural Dimensions’, ‘Etiquettes in Business’ and ‘Product Design and Development’. 

Dhanalakshmi, organising secretary of the event, said, “Culture has become a product in the global business. It’s important to understand how sectors like business, government and culture work together in the global perspective. We aim to understand the global market through this conference.” 

The chief speakers on the first day also included Mohit Thukral, senior vice-president, Genpact and Takako Inoue, professor, (International Relations), Daito Bunka University.

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