Getting the party started

Getting the party started

Party animals can’t wait to be part of the New Year revelry. While some of them are heading out to MG Road and Brigade Road, others are looking forward to the parties at star hotels.

And yet another section will be heading out of the City to ring in the New Year. Metrolife spoke to some youngsters in the City about their New Year plans.   Though he used to enjoy attending large New Year parties earlier, Ajmal Ahamed, a choreographer and dance instructor, says he prefers private ones these days. “I will be getting together with my friends at a house party. And the theme is ‘Retro’ or ‘Bollywood’. So there is going to be a lot of dancing and partying. This is much more enjoyable than those loud parties outside. That’s why I’ve opted for it. I can also spend some quality time with family and friends,” says Ajmal. 

With the prices of the parties ranging anywhere between Rs 1000 and Rs 15,000, some like Simran Sinha are not keen on splurging just for a night. She is looking forward to a barbecue with friends and talking about the year that was. “New Year bashes require prior booking and turn into an expensive affair. I want to avoid that. Instead, I want to spend a quiet evening with close friends, play games and look at some of the photographs taken through the year.” Though the deadline has been extended to 1 am, party animals don’t feel it’s long enough.

 Rahul Jain, a masters student, says, “The night life here is just sad. The extension till 1 am is hardly of any use. At least on this day, we should be left alone. I usually go to one of the clubs here but this time, I’m going to a farmhouse on December 30 and will be back only after New Year’s.” He adds, “Since all of us will be staying at the farmhouse, we can really enjoy ourselves and don’t have to worry about the booze.” 

Keen to get away from the City, IT professional Karan Kumar will be ringing in the New Year in Goa. “I’m bored with the same plans every year — heading to Opus and then to a friend’s farmhouse. I want to do something different this year. So I’m off to Goa with my friends. I can’t wait,” he exclaims. George Martin, a business analyst, has similar plans. “After attending the service at church, my friends and I will be driving to the outskirts of the City. We will only be starting from here post 12 am. That way we don’t have to worry about deadlines,” he says.

 Like every year, Melanie Vioma, a French instructor, will be ushering the New Year in Mangalore. “The entire family meets for New Year in Mangalore. It’s been a tradition. After midnight, we sit around a bonfire in the backyard of our bungalow and have a potluck,” she says, adding, “I’m looking forward to the same this year as well.” 

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