Egg-xactly the right choice for winter

Eggnogs are traditionally made of milk, cream, eggs and sugar but can be tried with various toppings

Egg-xactly the right choice for  winter

Every season calls for its own kind of food and drinks. While summers mean light, fruity and low-calorie juices, winters call for heavy, creamy and warm beverages. If that is what your taste buds desire right now, eggnogs are the answer to your cravings.    

   ‘Eggnog’, or ‘egg nog’, is a sweetened dairy-based beverage traditionally made with milk and/or cream, sugar and whipped eggs which give it a frothy texture. Sweet spirits such as brandy, rum or bourbon are often added. The finished serving is garnished with a sprinkling of ground cinnamon or nutmeg. It is also known as the egg milk punch.

Eggnog is traditionally consumed throughout the Anglosphere around Christmas and through the cold season. Eggnog may also be added as a flavouring to food or drinks such as coffeeand tea. It is had as acustard and even used as an ice cream base.

The origins, etymology, and the ingredients used to make the original eggnog drink are debated. Eggnog may have originated in East Anglia, England; or it may have simply developed from posset, a medieval European beverage made with hot milk. The ‘nog’ part of its name may stem from the word noggin, a Middle English term for a small, carved wooden mug used to serve alcohol. However, the British drink was also called an Egg Flip, from the practice of ‘flipping’ (rapidly pouring) the mixture between two pitchers to mix it.

Traditional eggnog typically consists of milk, raw eggs and sometimes cream to make it richer, but some modern eggnogs have started including gelatine too. Vanilla is a common flavouring, with grated nutmeg sprinkled on top. Other toppings include whipped cream, meringue, cinnamon, ice cream, biscuit bits, nuts and chocolate curls.

Alcoholic eggnogs are a favourite in winters especially. A variety of alcoholic beverages can be mixed in as per one’s taste. These range from whiskey, rum, brandy, bourbon and cognac to even Tequila, Sherry, Southern Comfort, Goldschlager, Chocolate liqueur, Coffee liqueur and Buttershots Schnapps. You can even add Pineapple Vodka, banana juice, orange juice or pumpkin puree to make interesting and equally tasty variations.

A variety of desserts are being made from eggnogs these days such as eggnog cupcake, cheesecake, rice pudding, macaroon, eggnog cinnamon roll, lasagne, trifle etc. All that you have to do is set the eggnog in a mould and bake or freeze it. 

Those who are milk-intolerant can try coconut milk/cream or soymilk in their eggnog. And those intimidated by raw eggs can go for pasteurised ones. Have it as you like. 

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