'Today's generation thinks in a different way'

'Today's generation  thinks in a different way'

Telugu superstar Nagarjuna looks nothing like his age. In fact, he seems to be getting younger by the day.

There is really no role that Nagarjuna hasn’t done and perhaps, redone.

But here is a project for which he has dedicated a lot of time. Manam, his home production features him with his father, the legendary actor Nageswara Rao Akkineni and son Naga Chaitanya.

Manam traces the life of three generations and has them play grandfather, father and son. This has added to the charm of the script.

Nagarjuna has always looked up to his father for strength and guidance and continues to do so. And looks like he has seamlessly passed the same to his son Naga.

 “This is a rare occasion for the family and I have always dreamt of working on a script that veers away from the cliched story of a grandfather, father and son. The film attempts to knit together three different time zones from the pre-independence era in the 1920s
to present date. That’s the magical element to it,” Nagarjuna tells Metrolife.

The script has the right dose of action and romance and what stands out prominently is humour.

“Humour never fails. And I’ve always wanted to work on projects that offer enough humour and there is humour in every scene. You will see how people from three generations emotionally connect through humour,” explains Nagarjuna. 

Nagarjuna is popular as the action hero of the Telugu film industry but the actor confesses that he would like to do less action films.

“I don’t think the audience wants too much action and bloodshed on screen anymore. Films made around the underworld and mafia are becoming a little monotonous,” he reasons.

He says he has given his son Naga the freedom to choose the scripts that excite him. “Today’s generation thinks in a different way about several subjects when compared to my generation. I could advice him about technicians but not scripts,” he adds.

Nagarjuna has been reading several books about the Mahabharata and Ramayana. “I would like to make a film which narrates the original story of the Mahabharata and Ramayana in a contemporary style. But I am yet to find a director who is enthusiastic enough,” he notes.
Nagarjuna has a few close friends in the City and drives down whenever he finds time. “But I can’t really walk through a mall or even hang out at the airport, thanks to the people who always crowd around me,” he signs off.

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